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Thank you for your interest in RKY Careers! 


My name is Rukayat  and I am passionate about helping international graduates, professionals, or people exploring the UK for work from anywhere in the world .This passion fueled the birth of RKY Careers.


I have helped numerous peope to secure their desired job roles, leverage the opportunities, and begin to add value as soon as possible.


 This I do through the personalized personal branding and career support services such as: 


  • Professional CV Review and Rewriting.
  • Cover letter & Personal statement writing 
  • LinkedIn pages Optimization 
  • Career mapping or integrating consultation 
  • Interview preparation consultation 
  • Business Idea Review & Enhancement 
  • Strategic MSC Course choice guide (For the UK job market)
  • Practical Trainings with work experience to fill the in-demand skill gap (Project Management, Business Analysis, Data Analysis & Business Intelligence, Compliance | KYC/AML, Microsoft Excel-Basic to Advanced)

I have lived the same experience of uncertainty that comes with leaving my comfort zone to a place full of opportunities, yet with so many uncertainties. I am a finance professional who moved to the UK a couple of years back after about 10 years of Banking experience in a top-tier financial institution. 


I started my journey by choosing a strategic MSc course that created a perfect blend of my previous experience with an in-demand technology skill, these skills enhanced my personal brand and opened me to a wider range of opportunities.  


I have moved from that uncertainty to being a head hunters’ favorite, having multiple job offers, frequently being singled out and sought out by recruiters for opportunities as well as referrals, and currently blossoming in the corporate world in the city of London

Through my experiences and lots of research, I’ve discovered that a strategic plan, upskilling where necessary and an enhanced personal brand are very key to enabling you to seize these opportunities.  


I keep figuring out much better ways to efficiently and seamlessly navigate the UK career scene and now I want to give back by helping you climb the ladder as well, shorten your learning curve, provide personalized support to help you gain the confidence you need to demonstrate your value and streamline your career strategy towards getting your desired job and career


_Rukayat A.