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Data Analyst | Business Intelligence Analyst

Data analysis and Business Intelligence have continued to prove to be an essential part of every business, as it enables the use of current and historical data to create actionable insights that aid makes better decision, from optimizing performance, improving target marketing, improving and automating processes, developing business strategies, resolving inefficiencies and increasing profitability.

This explains why Data Analysts and Business Intelligence Analysts are in great demand across businesses, industries, and countries.  

Next Cohort:

November 4

5 Weeks
(Every Weekend)

Live Classes


Our Pillars

Career Support Sessions

  • Alumni Engagement
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Interview Preparation

Collaborative Learning

  • Collaborative Cross-Functional Teams
  • Real-time group collaboration
  • Creative brainstorming sessions

Practical Work Experience

  • Utilizing industry-standard tool
  • Interactive hands-on training
  • Real-world live projects
  • Engaging practice sessions

What you will learn

Virtual Classes

Participate and engage with fellow students during instructor-led virtual sessions

P2P Sessions

Exchange knowledge with peers and acquire diverse perspectives on problem-solving.

Real-World Focused

Apply your learning to address real-world business challenges through hands-on projects.

Virtual Projects

Enhance your knowledge and capabilities by actively participating in various projects and collaborating with others.

Career support

Our Career Support Session empowers you with interview strategies, guidance, and tools for a successful career, including commonly asked questions and proactive steps toward your professional goals.


Success Stories

Live Stories

Tools to be Learnt

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